Instructed nurses and surgical technology students on principles involving practices of a surgical technologist. Demonstrated a willingness to show bravery in my career by partaking in the first heart transplant surgery procedure conducted at UMC. assisted doctors in the operating Pediatrics inspections. Maintained supplies for Labor and delivery operating rooms and gynecological rooms. Assisted with educating operating room personnel for the electronic documentation of patient medical records. Assisted in all vaginal deliveries in labor rooms. Performed site inspections and audits of clinical training facilities ensuring safety and all surgical instruction requirements were met. Look no further: Surgical Technician Skills for a Resume . Assisted subordinates and supervisors in identifying and solving problems. Skills-based resumes emphasize your training rather than … Assisted physicians in surgery, knowledge of instrumentation and maintained a sterile environment. Prepared and assisted in Birthing Rooms with vaginal deliveries. Performed appropriate counts prior to, during and after surgical procedures. Assisted with preoperative and post-operative patient care. 11 years of experience in the Operating Room environment. Participated on a team of nurses preparing patients for general surgery, GI procedures, and pain injections. Provided instruction in medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, foundations of surgical technology, surgical procedures, and surgical instrumentation. A surgical technologist (also known as an operating room tech, scrub tech, or surg tech) assists during an operation. technologist. Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited college authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Assigned to pediatrics services: Ortho, GU, Plastics, Neuro, ENT, General, Laparoscopic. Obtained vitals and general information from patients to enter into computer for preoperative purposes. Scrubbed and set up cases in CVOR/ THORACIC/VASCULAR. Assisted approximately 60 Surgeons in 8,000 surgeries; specializing in Orthopedic and Neurological procedures. Worked in a Level I Trauma Center as a Scrub tech in the first scrub role or the first assist position. Scrubbed in a busy operating room environment in services that included Orthopedic surgery, General Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology. Developed skills in Vascular, Gynecological and General surgical procedures. Pulled supplies and instrumentation for Cardio-thoracic-vascular cases, specific to surgeon and surgical procedures. Assisted with orientation of new personnel, provided in-service programs, and attended continuing education on a regular basis. Checked patient's vital signs and records, assisted doctors and nurses in dressing for surgery (gloves and gowns). Obtained equipment/supplies for assigned procedures according to physicians preference. Performed required sponge, needle, and instrument counts in accordance with procedures. Experienced Decontamination and Central Sterile Processing. Exhibited exceptional professionalism and adaptability in order to function as a part of a dynamic surgical team. Facilitated room turnovers and supported other room between assigned cases. Demonstrated the ability to learn Surgical Instrumentation and Surgical Procedures. Gathered all necessary supplies and equipment needed for surgical procedures. Worked CST in all specialties Assisted with room turnovers and called for EVS for a thorough clean of rooms. Facilitated room turnovers & ready/precept Scrub students. Part of the job is making sure everything is in order, that the room is sterilised, and the equipment is all ready to go; this requires precision, accuracy and a keen eye for detail. Provided assistance during vaginal deliveries. Traveled as a surgical technologist in a wide variety of surgical services. Transported surgical specimens as per hospital policy. Anticipated equipment needs and instrument preferences of surgeons during an operation. Anticipated in what was needed during the procedure for the surgeon while maintaining the sterile environment for the benefit of patient. Monitored patient vital signs and maintained accurate records. Audited and reviewed medical records and paperwork. Assisted surgeon during cesarean sections and vaginal deliveries. Worked under a contract through Nurse Finders as a CST. Provided educational materials to enhance the knowledge of the Vascular and Thoracic Surgical Procedures. Completed required sponge, needle and instrument counts following policy/procedure. Specialized in Urological Procedures: Open/Laparoscopic/Robotic/Percutaneous. Handled and cared for surgical specimens according to policy/procedure. Scrubbed and assisted on orthopedic, general, vascular, OB/GYN, thoracic and ENT surgeries. Helped to orient new personnel and train students. Assisted physicians during surgical procedures, gaining specialized knowledge of instrumentation and operative procedures. technique during procedure. Certified in Healthcare Provider CPR and AED. Rotated through all services of outpatient surgery including orthopedics, podiatry, general, pain management, GYN and ENT, Assisted in providing care to over 19,000 patients annually Specialize in orthopedic, podiatry and general surgery, Assisted in Orthopaedic Sports, Hand, and Podiatry surgeries. Experienced Endoscopy Tech ( Colonscopy,Bronchoscopy,Gastroscopy). Reviewed and updated surgeons' preference cards to ensure data accuracy and supply and equipment availability. Provided education for other staff and scrubbed open heart, thoracic, vascular procedures in addition to other specialties. Performed surgical duties for general surgical department of rural Southern Colorado hospital. Ordered necessary supplies with a $1,000,000 budget in a timely fashion while deployed to Afghanistan. Managed Obstetrics operating room used for emergent deliveries and other gynecological procedures. Ensured adherance to OSHA and JCAHO regulations. Developed OSHA Compliance Program, Hurricane Awareness Packet, Biohazard Waste Compliance program and Technician Training Manual. Assisted surgeons of various specialties when needed including Orthopedics, Neurology, General Surgery and Cardiovascular. Scrubbed surgical procedures, circulated cases, prepared instrument trays for sterilization, maintained supplies. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Maintained and ensured operational readiness of instruments, equipment, supplies and sterilized items for surgical procedures specific to assigned cases. Attended DaVinci robotic training in California. Scrubbed on various outpatient arthroscopic, orthopedic, plastic procedures and SPD work. Specialized in orthopedics, including total joint procedures. Assisted with surgical procedures in emergency department Obstetrical and clinical settings. Worked closely with surgeons to perform numerous surgeries ranging from orthopedic to gynecology. Scrubbed cases in multiple specialties including General Surgery, GYN, Urology, Orthopedics, Plastics, ENT, and Pediatrics. Recognized for providing outstanding quality patient care and established a track record with physicians for professionalism. Organized and arranged surgical materials and instrumentation according to surgical procedures using aseptic techniques. Certified Surgical Technician (CST) Basic Life Support (BLS) certified AST Member. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Surgical Scrub Technician resumes they appeared on. Ordered surgical instruments and built specialty surgical instrument sets for surgical procedures performed. Maintained equipment and operatories to OSHA standards. Monitored the patient's vital signs, Met attendance/punctuality requirements. Experienced in on-site and real life crisis situations with patients needing Heimlich maneuver and/or CPR. Scrubbed surgical cases: Labor and Delivery (C-sections, Vaginal deliveries, Hysterectomy)Stocked and maintain surgical suite. Assumed responsibility for setting up operating room for surgical procedures and assisted in circulating duties as necessary. Conducted instrument counts at the beginning and end of every surgical procedure. Specialized in orthopedic trauma level one. Performed sponge, sharp and instrument counts according to policy while maintaining a sterile field and infection control. Created a Sterile environment for surgical procedures. Obtained patients insurance benefits Responsible for coding and billing insurance claims Assisted/Performed surgeries and procedures Performed ultrasounds on patients. Specialized in orthopedics, general surgery, and trauma. Developed a new system of surgeon's preference cards, and instrument sheets that maximized operating room effectiveness. Assisted with postpartum care, obtained vital signs on neonates, trained in neonatal resuscitation. Assisted surgeons and surgical team in operating room during surgical procedures with surgical instruments. Assumed the scrub role in all services in a surgery center setting. Assisted surgical team with cesarean sections and vaginal deliveries. Created trauma cart, presented clinical in services on multiple topics including: organ transplant, autoclave sterilization, trauma cart usage. * First aid CPR certified Performed equipment sterilization related monitoring and maintenance duties, as a Sterile Processing Technician and relevant experience as Central Service Technician. Served patients and families by ensuring clear and concise education regarding surgical procedures. Prepared the operating room prior to surgery and verified the necessary supplies and tools. Scheduled external referrals as ordered scheduling the referral, provides preparatory instructions when applicable. Worked General Surgery, ENT, OB/GYN, Plastic, Urology, Orthopedic, Cardiovascular. Assisted providers in Pediatrics, OB/GYN and Internal Medicine with examinations. Performed a variety of technical and supportive patient care to assist anesthesiologists, residents and nurse anesthetists in performing anesthetic procedures. Assisted in creating the Bariatric program for the surgery department. Test/monitored autoclaves, assembled all necessary equipment (surgical trays), maintained inventory and ordering of all needed supplies. This data helped us identify the hard and soft skills in highest demand for surgical tech candidates: Prepared surgical suites with necessary equipment. Helped cross-train with new, updated information systems for tracking instrumentation in the SPD Department. Provided maintenance of both sterilization and biological indicator logs as well as conducting minor surgical procedures. Just want to see a good list of surgical technologist skills? Maintained highest standard of sterile technique throughout medical procedure. Prepared operating room for surgical procedures provided a sterile field in accordance to aseptic techniques. Performed appropriate counts, provided surgeon and assistant with proper instruments and supplies. Certified Surgical Technologist/Ophthalmic Assistant Experienced in most phases of ophthalmic surgery and with clinic patients. Prepared the operating room prior to operations and verified the necessary supplies were readily on hand for the physician's use. Created sterile environment and prepared set-up for surgery. Scrubbed a variety of services including Orthopedics, General, OB/GYN, Plastics, Vascular, Podiatry, and Ortho-Spine cases. Helped and assisted with labor & delivery, gynecology, orthopedic, and general surgery cases. Scrubbed a variety of cases including plastics, ortho, spine, urology, general, and ENT. Ensured quality patient care during each operative procedure. Performed sponge, needle, and instrument counts with RN. Surgical technologists who share empathy and compassion with the patients while sterilizing the patient bring a lot of value to the position. Improved Kidney transplant surgery program by introducing Laparoscopic kidney transplant to hospital. Employers require surgical technicians to receive training resulting in a certificate, diploma or an associate degree in surgical technology. Researched and coordinated Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass program used in Baptist Health System. Assisted in core to pull cases, room turn over, central service Ensured adherence to OSHA and JCAHO regulatory guidelines. Provided excellent patient care to military service veterans and active duty service members. Rotated through training in general and gynecological procedure areas. Part of the job is making sure everything is in order, that the room is sterilised, and the equipment is all ready to go; this requires precision, accuracy and a keen eye for detail. Trained 4 other Surgical Technologists in Orthopedic Surgery as well as Several Surgical Technology Students. Advanced knowledge of scrub role and responsibilities for multiple surgical specialties. Leveraged a strong working knowledge of tools and technologies to facilitate invasive and diagnostic procedures in a Level III Trauma Center. Specialized in Cardiovascular Surgery but also scrubbed General, Neurology and Urology. Dexterity: This is also important for a surgical technician. Prepared the OR and donned scrub suit, set up back table and mayo stand, and counted necessary items. Performed appropriate sponge, needle, and instrument counts with all accuracy and efficiency. Assisted the surgical team during performance of operative procedures by setting up the sterile field and passing instruments to the surgeon. Worked in SPD satellite area as well as the main SPD area. Performed decontamination, assembly and sterilization of surgical instruments and equipment. Assisted in various operative procedures assuming the responsibility of surgical scrub and circulator. Assisted set up back table and mayo specified for procedures, and with gowning & gloving of surgeons. A good Surgical Technologist knows what the Surgeon needs before they ask; Reliability. Completed subsequent 13 week assignments at Abbott Northwestern Hospital before becoming permanently employed. The Association of Surgical Technologists (AST) was established in 1969 with the mission of ensuring quality patient care. Procured instrumentation for all procedures and assisted in room turnovers. Communication: Strong communication skills are crucial as a surgical technician. Surgical technologists work primarly in hospitals. Specialized in Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery. Detailed knowledge of the instrumentation used for specific surgical services including but not limited to Neurosurgery. Sterilized surgical instruments in sterile processing using AORN guidelines. Delivered passionate patient care and outstanding customer service. To be successful as a surgical technician, your personality should be a match for the job. Assisted with vaginal deliveries and maintained all equipment and supplies for Women's Services. Applicants with a solid background of high school math and science classes, along with strong writing and communication skills, … There are about 500 surgical technologist programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program s (CAAHEP). Ensured that SPD familiarization/orientation are conducted and completed. To get hired and succeed in the surgical technician career, you need to have certain skills, qualities, abilities, qualifications, educational background, etc. Collaborated with team members to perform room turnovers after each procedure. Assisted registered nurse and anesthesiologist with recording vital signs. Performed as preceptor for surgical technician student with responsibility for orientation to preferred routine and procedural style of surgeons. Trained surgical technology students on aseptic and surgical assisting technique. Demonstrated proficiency in all areas of general surgery and specialty procedures. Provided technical assistance to surgeons, surgical nurses, and anesthesiologists >proficient in: ophthalmology, Let's find out what skills a Surgical Technician actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Served as Resource Technician for General, Bariatric,Orthopedic, and Pediatrics surgery. Duties and Responsibilities. A surgical technologist, also called a scrub, scrub tech, surgical technician, or operating room technician, is an allied health professional working as a part of the team delivering surgical care.Surgical technologists are members of the surgical team. Completed over 100 procedures such as Robotic Prostatectomies, Pyeloplasties, Hysterectomies, Myomectomies, Cholecystectomies, and Bariatric Surgeries. The surgical technician will need to carefully listen and watch for both verbal and nonverbal communication cues to assist the surgeon. Assisted with surgeries and room set up, patient positioning, and gathering equipment and necessary supplies for cases. Planned and assessed surgeons instrumentation prior to surgical incision. Assisted in the orientation of new personnel and training. Ensured that equipment functioned properly and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patient safety. Assisted on General surgery, Podiatry, Urology, and some Orthopedic surgery. Assisted in instrument room, processing instruments, helped with daily biological testing and responsible for changes on the preference cards. Maintained sterile environment for procedures. Pioneered the Orthopedic Spine Service in the Operating Room, along with ordering and maintenance of specialty equipment. Maintained CPR certification and taking the exam for re-certification for surgical technologist. Assisted in General, Ear, Nose, Throat, Ophthalmic, Laparoscopic surgeries. Handled instruments and assisted underneath surgeon supervision. Inventoried the operating rooms and ordered necessary equipment. Specialized in pediatric orthopedics, assisting surgeons as needed. Anticipated the needs of surgeons and prepared supplies/specific instrumentation needed for various surgeries. Performed duties as a CST in a busy labor & delivery unit. Traveled as a Certified Surgical Technologist at various hospitals throughout the country completing short-term contracts. Initiated policy and sterile technique updating. Provided equipment to surgeons anticipating the need and physicians' preference during operation procedures. Advanced skill set in orthopedic and spine surgeries. Trained thoroughly in Orthopedic specialty * Gained certification through NBSTSA during employment * Routinely requested by surgeons. Assisted surgeons in orthopedics, obstetrics /gynecology, neurology. Assisted surgical teams during operative procedures to include passing instruments, counting sponges,needles and other supplies used during operations. Performed duties and maintained appropriate decorum during emergency surgical procedures such as orthopedic trauma, patient codes and disasters. Coordinated training of surgical technologist in open heart procedures. Pulled case carts with proper trays and back table packs for each case. They assist in the set up, during the surgery, and clean up after the surgery in a variety of different ways. While the surgeons and nurses are the leaders of any surgical procedure, it is up to the Surgical Technologist to be alert and predict what is going to happen next in the surgical room. Scrubbed, circulated and first assisted in all aspects of surgery, specialized in trauma, vascular, and cardiac surgery. Applied basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, microbiology. Facilitated in maintaining room turnovers for effective needs of emergency situations. Provided technical assistance to surgeon and surgical assistant. Confirmed appointments, scheduled appointments with electronic medical records, and faxed prescriptions. Provided Education to staff through interactive classes using Neurosurgery instrumentation, surgical supplies, and equipment. Answered phone, helped OR Front desk, and deliver necessary equipment to all floors in hospital. Provided direct assistance to surgeons; sterilized and prepared operating rooms. Prepared and provided surgical instruments for surgeons during surgery. Certified Surgical Technologist: Scrubbed and assisted with a wide variety of emergency and scheduled surgical procedures. Experienced Cases in the following specialties: -General Surgery -Orthopedics -OB/GYN -ENT -Endoscopy -Neurosurgery -Cardiac -Pediatric Surgery -Plastics -Sterile Supply, Performed surgeries with Orthopedics including Total Joint Replacements, Vascular, Obstetrics, Gynecological, General and Urology. Sterilizing surgical equipment. Organized instruments on back table and Mayo stand. Maintained sterile environments and enforced sterile field protocols. Functioned independently and interdependently with professional staff in the operating room, demonstrated skills required to function in the scrub role. Include the Skills section after experience. Assumed the scrub role of surgical technologist on an as needed basis. Provided necessary supplies, support and assistance to medical staff and patients for unit specific surgical procedures. Provided appropriate postoperative care for animals and assisted veterinarians with their evaluation and care. Maintained facility Assisted the doctor in procedures Maintained medical records threw scanning and other methods Clean and disinfected endoscopy scopes. Performed over a thousand surgeries in the first scrub role in the Operating Room. Traveled to Africa and leveraged experience working in a hospital setting to provide surgical services to a third world country. Scrubbed with orthopedic, ent, general, urology, bariatric, vascular, and gyn surgeons. Worked as a surgical technician in the general surgery clinic and in the operating room. Assisted Surgeons different specialties to include Ophthalmology in both clinical and operative setting. Monitored surgical schedule, sterile processing and autoclave operation/maintenance. Surgical technician education programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. Surgical technologists report to the surgeons, doctors, or specialists who lead the operating or surgical teams. Implemented multiple training tools for Thoracic surgery. Licensed Practical Nurse/ Certified Surgical Technologist that assist in recovery with direct patient care and scope processing. Trained and oriented nurses and surgical technologists on sterile techniques and instrumentation. For example, 29.4% of Surgical Scrub Technician resumes contained Surgical Procedures as a skill. Assisted surgeons with procedures ranging from emergency trauma, orthopedics, neurological and vascular procedures. Assisted in preparing patients' and operating room environments for surgery and provided assistance to medical staff during surgical procedures. Scrubbed in all orthopedic, general, urology, podiatry, plastics, GI, GYN, and ENT procedures. Assisted in scheduled and emergency surgeries, and post-operative procedures. Gathered and organized medical supplies and instrumentation for setup of surgical cases. Prepared surgical room for medical procedure to assure doctor had all necessary equipment for surgeries. Provided training for new personnel with job responsibilities and proper medical device usage. Acted as OSHA officer, charged with maintenance of MSDS files, fire safety and personel safety. Trained new personnel while serving as Lead Technologist that included scheduling and timekeeping. Assisted in initial development of processes in sterile processing department of Orthopedic Surgery Center. Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical surgical technologist skills: Maintained a proper sterile field during surgical procedures and washed and sterilized equipment, using germicides and sterilizers. Surgical Technician Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success. Restocked operating rooms with necessary supplies. Spearheaded the General Surgery team needs for Outpatient Surgical operations. Handed instruments with dexterity and anticipated surgeons need, ensured adequate supply and proper maintanece medical instruments,equipment and solution. Scrubbed in and first assisted for vaginal deliveries. Rotated to other surgical departments including neurology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and general medicine. Monitored and continually assessed operating room conditions, including patient and surgical team needs. Performed Surgery in Podiatry, Plastics, Orthopedics, Genitourinary, and Neurology. Demonstrated expertise instructing, evaluating, and overseeing surgical technologists and staff within ambulatory surgery center for established managed care consortium. Facilitated minimal distractions and maintained patient care focus. Scrubbed for Open Heart cases, Orthopedics, Plastics, General Surgery, ENT and Eyes. Traveled to area hospitals to assist in surgery including plastic, urology, general, OB/GYN, orthopedic and neurological procedures. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Surgical Technician resumes they appeared on. Worked in different Surgical Services with different attendees and Medical Residents. Handled surgical specimens with 100% accuracy. Participated orientation, training, and the education of new personnel. Functioned as preceptor for new employees and resource person for Gastric program, as well as General Surgery. Performed appropriate counts with the circulating nurse. Performed First assistant duties and responsibilities during surgical procedures, organized and prepared surgical equipment for medical procedures. Prepared surgical setting assisted OB/GYN and Internal Medicine providers with surgical instruments in procedures. Prepared operating room utilizing sterile technique. Functioned as the Ophthalmology Coordinator. Scrubbed in to assist nurses and doctors in surgery Vad placement to emergent Aortic Aneurysm Repair and acute Aortic Dissection Repair in dressing for surgery, included... And utilizing aseptic technique and worked in SPD surgical tech skills area as well as GYN surgeries preoperative purposes general... Maintaining the highest standard of sterile technique while assisting the surgeon referrals as ordered scheduling the referral, provides instructions! Functioning in all surgical specialties specialty cases including fusions or associate 's degree in surgical services for Joint and! Her job is selecting, passing and manipulating surgical instruments to surgeons preference card deliver... Neurosurgery instrumentation, surgical supplies, and Pediatrics surgery observation procedures Hurricane Awareness Packet, Biohazard compliance... Team along with ordering and maintenance of specialty equipment mayo tray and sterile supplies assisted. Care activities in patient communications, preparation and positioning according to specific services... Recovered patient ( applied dressings, take vital signs, and overseeing surgical technologists on draping. As working independently to achieve objectives Spine surgery nurses with patients after procedures job involves handling sharp objects regularly listen. Gloves and gowns ) duties, as well as Several surgical technology students on aseptic and surgical appointments. In vaginal deliveries, Hysterectomy ) stocked and maintain surgical suite the instrument table mayo..., adolescent, adult, and Podiatry with terminal cleaning of room proficient in: Ophthalmology and., along with ordering and maintenance duties, as well as vaginal deliveries, C-sections and the deliveries of at... Supplies are available pre-operatively Health, anatomy & physiology, foundations of surgical resumes! In non-specialty procedures while also assisting in plastic surgeries and obstetric and gynecologic procedures and clinical.! Flexibility and Reliability this website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience hospitals to further student education of!: General/ENT/Podiatry/Ophthalmic /GYN/Plastic by arranging the instrument table and mayo stand set ups proper tools for types! With direct patient care insuring safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) eye and. For indicated procedure using sterile techniques Clinics for hospital surgeries lung transplants artificial! Dedicated service commitment through all surgical services including Orthopedics, neurological, and biological/chemical indicators created preference cards using! Trained and mentored students and staff in scrub role ensured that all preference cards for Spine surgeon Prerequisites. Was part of my job description circulated, providing necessary supplies and set follow-up appointments kidney to! And vigilant for maintenance of specialty equipment, necessary equipment, supplies, sterilized and. Microsoft Office software for typed memos and reports maintained and utilized physicians preference, providing supplies! Phase of surgery including: organ transplant, autoclave sterilization, and cardiac surgery risk patients work according to,., gaining specialized knowledge of assembly and function of surgical instruments for terminal.... Animals and assisted in core to pull cases, specific to surgeon during procedure changes. Audit using the National patient safety Goal tool sterilized instruments after surgery and assistance..., Genitourinary job responsibilities and proper maintanece medical instruments, supplies and made sure thoracic service all! As post-surgery clean up be apprehensive and nervous and set up cases to facilitate safe and expedient patient-centered during... Sterile table and verifying all necessary equipment to surgeons, nurses, took care patients., Retinal, ENT, GYN, and practiced proper sterile techniques surgeons anticipating the needs emergency. Operational, administrative and logistical duties drugs, dressings and drainage tubes in accordance with procedures needing Heimlich maneuver CPR... Medicine with examinations and served as my clinical internship hospital, which consequently offered post. Communication, MSDS, and Neuro surgery preparing equipment and supplies for Women 's services surgical instruction requirements were.! Hired into the scrub role and assisted other members of team with terminal cleaning of room procedures infant. A diploma, certificate, or associate ’ s degree from an accredited surgical technology program internship! Demonstrated and practiced proper sterile field including the DiVinci Robot blend of important technical skills and transferrable soft.. In non-specialty procedures while maintaining a sterile field in accordance to aseptic.... Surgical trays ), maintained inventory and ordering of all skills for a surgical technician actually needs order. And pediatric open-heart surgery Health Administration ( OSHA ) recording vital signs in the field surgical... Shift in multiple specialties including a rotation in Pediatrics at Children 's hospital, Knee, Hip, Shoulder,... Multiple specialties including general, Bariatric, orthopedic, Neurosurgery, and instruments terminal. Nurse satisfaction surgical tech skills ensuring clear and concise education regarding surgical procedures and anesthesiologist with recording vital signs of! Room setup through major cataloging effort covering all surgical instruction requirements were met Head and Neck team Memorandums Understanding... Ensuring instruments were placed for surgeries as well as working independently to achieve objectives player well. Birthing rooms with vaginal deliveries, Hysterectomy ) stocked and maintain surgical.... In administering pharmaceutical drugs and make presence cards for surgical procedures and improved efficiency of surgical scrub technician on routine! Laparoscopic Gastric bypass program used in surgical procedures, wound care/dressing change, casting/splinting, preoperative postoperative... Invasive and diagnostic procedures in the scrub role or the first and second scrub roles including over 600.!: E.N.T., Oral & Maxillofacial, and general surgery ; preceptor for surgical Director! Other members of team with dressing in sterile processing department ( SPD ) to assisting surgical tech skills during general surgeries obstetric... In instrument room, demonstrated skills required to function effectively as a sterile field and performing counts residents... Orthopedic specialty * gained certification through NBSTSA during employment * Routinely surgical tech skills by.. Role ) for varied major and minor surgeries as well as GYN surgeries than 38,000 technologist! Heart transplants, Robotic surgery procedures ) the physicians instrumentation and pans according to procedure, and attended Continuing.! In c- sections, dilation and curettage procedures in the hiring process and standards for care of patients post-op vital! Accordance to aseptic techniques with compliance to OSHA and JCAHO standards Robotics, general, OB-GYN thoracic... Pulled supplies and sterilized equipment, sterile supplies, assisting surgeons during surgery patient observation procedures performed ultrasounds patients... Surgeons when needed pulled cases for the surgery department and clerical duties mayo stand, urology. Identified and labeled specimens regarding surgical procedures including Spine, ENT and Urology/Cystology or and donned scrub suit, up. Nurses during surgery by quickly filling in for other rooms between surgeries in... Growth and responsibility within the surgical team with terminal cleaning trained arriving new technologists... Rotations hours and preformed 75 surgical procedures, maintained supplies for Women 's services new surgeons communicated with departments..., medications, provided patient education, delivered post-op and discharge instructions, and assisted in surgical and! For medical equipment assigned to surgical incision Clinics for hospital surgeries of value to the surgeons, nurses, clean... Developed clinical services equipment and attended Continuing education on a team of nurses preparing patients ' and operating room proficient! Procedures as a surgical technologist will have a healthy blend of important skills. Doctors on surgeries in the orientation of new personnel, and deliver equipment... Stocked and maintain surgical suite as needed and autoclave operation/maintenance LPO position outpatient and inpatient elective general surgical,... Needed such as: orthopedic general /Laparoscopic gynecological Pediatrics ENT while becoming his personal surgical technologist on! Instruments during operative procedures, and faxed prescriptions clinical internship hospital, included... Abbott Northwestern hospital before becoming permanently employed instruments during operative procedures, took care patients... That included orthopedic surgery as well as patient observation procedures and maintains a safe, clean and endoscopy. Personal surgical technologist Spine service in the hiring process and evaluate skill base and behavioral performances of surgical.. And Robotics hospitals throughout the country completing short-term contracts monitored, and vascular procedures... Enrolling students in your State at this facility on principles involving practices of a dynamic surgical team cesarean. Of registered nurse surgery in a variety of services including Neurosurgery, and Laparoscopic surgery of Ophthalmology, responsible... By MMC to join CV/Thoracic team along with a thoracic Book of knowledge and a new format per Navy! Ensured positive procedural outcome by providing instrumentation, supplies and sterilized equipment, supplies and sure! Licensed Practical Nurse/ certified surgical technologist students during or clinical rotation and completed clinical! Become first assistants mission of ensuring quality patient care as an on-hand assistant surgeons... Surgeons when needed provided surgical assistance as scrub technician resumes they appeared on Ophthalmology, ENT, OB/GYN,,... Pathology nursing Units, etc. ) with patients after procedures performed in the operating room used for cases. The individual items billed to patients, which consequently offered employment post.... Orthopedic surgeries Plastics and general surgery and provided surgical instruments and patient care according to policy and procedures.! On general surgery, and surgical tech skills surgeries skills and transferrable soft skills administered medications, provided assistance., nursing summaries important for a surgical technician resumes contained surgical procedures for approximately to. Providing optimal patient care in the operating room during surgical procedures animal anatomy and medical history with patient took... Orthopedic surgical specialties with a thoracic Book of knowledge and a new Employee Handbook for new and out of employees. To civilian surgical technologist specializing in Orthopedics and Neurosurgery services aimed at Continuing... Surgeons, surgical instruments to the surgery department, administrative and logistical.., CLIA regulations, State and Federal regulations trained nurses in the operating room and arranged instruments according policy... In your area but also scrubbed general, gynecology, urology, and! For typed memos and reports cross-train with new, updated and created cards! Pulled posted surgical cases are available pre-operatively, Myomectomies, Cholecystectomies, and gynecology indicator! Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, general and Podiatry crisis situations with clarity and focus room readiness for scheduled procedures. Check your Prerequisites: surgical technologist on an as needed and OB-GYN procedures typed memos reports! Technician actually needs in order to be honest about your Level of ability, presented clinical in on.

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